Liabilities always demand and always take, while assets always yield a return and always give. You’re a great asset when you are appreciative of your man and value and esteem them (worthy ones). When you put your interest before your man and you never ever give but you like receiving you’re already a liability to him. Are you in the relationship for what you get from him or for what you’re giving him?

According to OXFORD LEARNERS DICTIONARY, a LIABILITY is a state of being legally responsible for something. It also means someone or something that causes you problems while an ASSET is a person or thing that is valuable or useful to somebody/something.

Being in a relationship with your man is not a means of escaping responsibilities. Neither should it become an obsession in your mind. Your beauty is not the only qualification you need for a man to choose you. Rather than being a load in a man’s life, become an addition of blessings to him. It is not right or put pressure on your man to provide you with the life you can’t afford for yourself. We should rather be his strength than pain. Be his peace. Give him more reasons to live than die.

There’s more to a relationship other than sex. Mind you he can get that sex from a random lady out there. We shouldn’t hang our financial problems on our men you know. If all you do is get money from him and give him sex then you should comport yourself like a runs girl. The absolute truth is that every man is looking way beyond sex in a lady. Every guy needs a girl that can add to his life. How beneficial is your company with him all through the relationship? If all you give him is sex and just a little piece of advice you know virtually every girl can do that. Don’t just be in his life, be part of his life. Be worth every while. Give him reasons to choose you over and over every million of single ladies alive.

Be hungry for success than being hungry for a successful man. It’s not solely a man’s responsibility to be successful. We all have a purpose that needs to be fulfilled on earth. So, find that purpose and be that woman of purpose before you think of meeting a man of greater purpose. He’ll show up because real men are always after women of purpose and dreams. Chase a goal(s) and strive to be a better version of yourself and stop at nothing to achieve it.

As a lady, you need to be naturally supportive and have an encouraging spirit. A man needs someone who has his back. Are you being supportive when necessary? Do you make an effort to dedicate your time, energy, and companionship to him? Every man wants a woman that challenges him, that inspires him to be the best man he can be, someone that gives him a reason to wake up and smile every day. Someone that motivates him, empowers him, and be his biggest fan. Figure out what you can do that adds enhancement, value, and completion to your relationship.

You need to realize how much you’re worth and wake up to your power as a woman and demand your worth. Being independent is something that can often be misconstrued especially when it comes to being in a relationship. It’s not about being alone, it’s a desire to build something of your own before you attach or share with someone else. Healthy relationships require independence thrive. Your desire for it won’t cease to exist when you’re with your partner.

When it comes to relationships, we all have different needs and tendencies. It’s about knowing what you need and what you can offer in return. You shouldn’t be looking for a caretaker but a true, equal partnership. You should set your own pace and have your own stuff going on. You would both grow and move alongside each other, while continuously learning the balance between who you both are, and how that allows you to move through life and a relationship together. You should be able to pay your bills, buy your own things, and be proud of doing them. You shouldn’t allow a man to impact your stability and confidence. Be self-reliant.

Also as a man, being an independent woman doesn’t mean you can’t take charge also. I mean there are levels to this thing called relationship. Her ability to be independent isn’t a threat to your ego. If anything it should be a relief to some of the pressure that can come during the entire relationship. If a woman that’s independent chooses you, it’s because she wants you. Do the things that need to be done without her asking not because she can’t do it herself, just that you want to do it for us you know. You should let her know she’s not alone. Champion her greatness, lift her up even higher, encourage the pursuit of her dreams. Be the first to applaud her successes. Don’t ever imply that her self sufficiency, fire, drive, and determination make her less of a woman who deserves a warm, intentional, thoughtful, and unapologetic devotion from you.

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  1. Unapologetically ambitious Kwa??…
    This is why some educated women find it hard to get married in the first place😒, they marry finish (I know my right will start) and then end up getting divorced.🚢🏻🚢🏻

    As for being a liability or asset, you better choose wisely✌

    1. Lol everyone deserves a right to be educated fam and unapologetically ambitious. It’s not just a mans place to do that!

  2. I had so much to learn reading this, perhaps if you include example it’ll be make it more fun to read. Nice on tfπŸ‘β€οΈ

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