Seems a lot of people were not in support of the fact that I really spoke the truth about guys and accused me of being one-sided but I remember saying at the end of my article that everyone cheats which is what led me to write this blog post about ladies who cheat and the probable cause as to why they cheat.

Women cheat just as much as the men doπŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

It’s very clear that both women and men cheat and they do so in spite of the fact that they love their partners. It has and will continue to be a deterrent that causes the majority of problems in relationships. If one finds out you’ve been cheated on the first likely question that would come to your mind is ”why?” The reasons women and men cheat differ from person to person.

One of them is when the man is never emotionally available. “talk to me, I’m listening” but they actually never listen. Men that have the inability to sustain emotional bonds and prefer to keep distance and make their woman do all the calling, texting, and planning. Always avoiding commitment and intimacy fears. They actually enjoy spending time with their ladies but only when it works for them. They always relent in making things happen and if the lady doesn’t, they probably won’t. Unless they actually do some work themselves, she’ll just continue investing energy into the relationship with the goal of someday getting closer. Meanwhile, they keep avoiding reciprocation, so she’ll just drain herself until she is too emotionally exhausted to continue. If a woman doesn’t feel heard by her partner or if she feels dismissed or ignored she tends to be more open to outside solicitation and cheating happens with the first person who comes along to fill that void and shows she’s valued.

Some women hold unrealistic expectations of what their relationship looks like. They expect them to meet their every need and desire. Always expecting their partner to read their minds and know what they need at all times. It’s very unreasonable if you don’t communicate ladies!!! You need to talk to your partner if your needs aren’t met but remember your entire happiness is not solely your partners’ responsibility. Some of us ladies expect too much and feel our significant other should meet our every need 24/7 every day and when the one they’re in falls short they get involved in another one.

Another reason why ladies cheat is when they’re not sexually satisfied. There is this societal misconception that only men enjoy sex. Women do too and if they’re not getting it or they’re not satisfied they might seek it elsewhere. It’s either the lady sits the man down and talks about it and he listens or he lets his ego take the best part of him and ignores her and that’s where selfishness on the man part comes in because he’s always the winner when he organs first and the loser gets nothing and she finds solitudes in the arms of another man. Some men feel it’s all about them when it comes to having fun in bed and doesn’t care about the needs of their woman.

Some also cheat to get back at their partners who cheated first so as to get justified. While some other women would just leave their partners after discovering they’ve been cheated on some won’t they’ll rather stay and get back at their partners and purposefully tell them to get a reaction.

While some cheat based on their past experiences others also cheat because they want to explore other options. I’ve had a conversation with a lady who is in a three years relationship with her partner and she really cares about him but is interested in seeing other people because she’s wondering what she might be missing out on πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ. As pressurized as you might feel telling him you’re tired is actually better than cheating on him. Don’t string two guys along you might end up losing both. Cheating when you’re in a relationship is the worst thing you can do to your partner. It’s better you break up and go for the new guy you think is better for you than being with your boyfriend and cheating with someone else. So if you feel like you have to break up please do. Do not be selfish.

Some are actually being mistreated in their relationships. Their partners might have cheated on them multiple times and have devastated them emotionally or might even be physically and sexually abusive causing them physical health risks. It’s very common in abusive relationships that their partners want total control over their significant other lives and yet they still get to live life by their own set of rules. What a dangerous double standard. One person can do whatever he wants even being unfaithful while the other is being completely monitored and controlled. Some women try to leave several times but don’t really have the strength to. They end up cheating when they find someone that treats them right.

Some might cheat because their primary relationship is ending and they just try to avoid the reality of the relationship ending by distracting it with dramas so they can get over it quickly.

But in all of these, I’m an advocate for loyalty. We all know everything cannot be rosy always and every relationship has its ups and downs it’s left to you to handle them smartly. It takes willingness and commitment to adapt and change with your partner. Good relationships take forgiveness, compromise, respect, effort and so many long-listed attributes we all know quite well. It starts with you!

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