A new Chapter: Letter to self.

A new Chapter: Letter to self.

Dear Oluwatofunmi,

Today is the start of a new year for you and a new chapter of your life. A great time to be alive. Be grateful for the blessings of the past and look forward to more blessings in the coming year. It is another birthday. In thinking of this past year, there have been many ups and downs. Yet, you made it through. This year was a difficult one, with many struggles and hardships. You got through it, though! Yay, yes you! Today is the start of a brand-new year. Look forward to a fresh start. Today marks another awesome year for you and you can only be grateful and happy for this grace heaven has granted you, a new age has been added to your life and you’ve been blessed with blessings beyond your expectations. Only God is worthy of all your praises and adoration today, he gave you peace in times of troubles, soothes your pain, put a smile on your face during your sad days and also gave you sunshine in your cloudy days.

Dear Self, you have really done so good and so well and you really deserve all the good things that comes your way. You have survived one year of struggles, laughter and love. Congratulations! I believe so much in you because you have what it takes to be a greater person than you were before, You’re a trademark on your own and you have got all it takes to build an empire for yourself. Be grateful to heaven for this opportunity.

Oluwatofunmi, this birthday serves as a reminder that you have enjoyed the full grace of the lord and that you indeed deserve to be celebrated. You’ve worked through fire and came out without a scratch and you’re indeed a survivor. On this remarkable day, thank the Lord, for giving you the air that you breathe. Thank Him for giving your body and bones the strength they need to function properly. Thank Him for the amazing family members and true friends he has surrounded your life with. Thank Him for the happiness that He have put into your heart! Thank Him for everything. You’re alive, self-dependent, and beautiful. You’re so proud of who you are. Thank him for allowing you experience this amazing episode of life.

So it’s your birthday today, it’s amazing how fast the year has been. Oluwatofunmi, I’m proud of the woman you’re gradually becoming, a woman of substance with integrity in sight. The past one year has been filled with a lot of ups and some down times but be thankful for all the experience and I hope you have learnt your lesson because it’s time to move on to greater challenges.

Thank Him for His grace and mercy because you couldn’t have done everything you did this year without Him. 2019 tested you in every way. You got sad, depressed, lacked peace of mind and unhappiness for months. You never craved peace of mind as much as you did this year because you’ve probably never lacked it and didn’t understand what it meant to have peace in a mans life. But you understood that very well this year because all you wanted and prayed for was peace of mind.

You lost people you wanted forever with, fought a battle within yourself and your God given destiny. You were judged and misunderstood. Their opinion became your problem even when you were kind and committed to love. You doubted your worth and beauty of your truth. Your life became hard, you couldn’t find a purpose for your living. Crying became an everyday thing. You lost your physical strength and mental wellness but you kept all of this to yourself because you knew you had to stay strong for yourself as no one could help carry your burdens.

You learnt detachment in a hard way. You learnt to be okay with not being close to the people you used to have a strong bond with. The challenges you faced broke you but thank God for grace because he remolded you and you allowed it. You matured and consciously attempted to become a better version of yourself. You knew you had to stop holding on to your past and leave that space. Thank God for growth.

Your whole life was a mess basically!

But again no one could see it because the hardest part was pretending to be fine and being the happy girl every one knew. It took you a long time to rebuild your life and find peace and happiness again so that’s why you’re probably picky about who you allow in your life now. Not everyone can have access to you now because you want peace more than attention.

Be thankful for the real ones in your life and to those you shut out without an explanation. “Apologize to them”

I’m sure you just needed your own space to reminisce and grow without any negative utterance or disturbances. A lot of things broke your heart but fixed your vision as well. Be very thankful.

You’re capable of more things than you know and never give up on your dreams because you are closer than you think. You can never go astray committing your ways to the hands of the Almighty. This next year, be prepared to discover new things about yourself.

It’s time to SHINE Oluwatofunmi.

This is just the beginning of greatness in your life.

You are finally doing what you love and that’s something you’ll never regret.

Keep moving forward.

This is the first day of your life as a vicenarian. Glory be to God! Happy 20th birthday to you.

God bless y’all.

To my parents and brothers I love you for life.

Cheers to Chapter 20 🥳

Love from

Your Favorite Personal Blogger,


28 thoughts on “A new Chapter: Letter to self.

  1. Baby boo!!!
    I’m super proud of you dear ❤
    Happy birthday darling ❤ ❤
    Love always from Lilycent 💞💞💞

  2. Hey baby, you’ve always been a woman of poise to me, a woman with discipline, a hardworking woman, someone that can’t find her way around things. you’ve been a great motivation to me, and I can’t help but thank you for that. I appreciate your entire being.
    Happy Birthday 💜💜
    cheers to a new chapter!
    Many wins this new year and lots of good things baby.

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