Woes Of Adulting.

Woes Of Adulting.




I know I promised but failed, but I’m back dears. How have y’all been? How was the month of March and April? Trust me these few months haven’t been the best but oh well everything happens for a reason! I’ve been dealing with a whole lot of personal stuff. Trying to juggle faculty of Law and Blogging. Catching up with friends and family. Everything put together have been really stressful! I can’t deal but God got me. The last time I wrote a proper blog post was in March (early) but your baby girl is back bigger and better.

Lately I’ve been really busy and somehow been feeling guilty for not being available to my friends and cousins. I haven’t reached out to a lot of them in a while. Not like they don’t cross my mind. I’m always all about them in my head but at the end of the day I end up not calling or texting.

So what have I been up to all these while???

Well I honestly had a lot going down with me. I experienced a whole lot of things. We learn everyday like my favourite person would say. I learnt a lot these few months I abandoned my blog. Some were fucked up! Some were really good at least I made money from my blog so that’s good news.

Month of March was full of tears at some point but then you come to realise that what you call a priority is actually not a priority!!! When it is sent by God it comes with a confirmation but when it isn’t by God it comes with hesitate, frustration and confusion.

Adulting is a handful trust me but all of us must start from somewhere. Being an adult is strangely like not being an adult. University can be so messy at times, I ended up missing some lectures because of other commitments. Being an adult sucks sometimes! It comes with having work pressures or stress.

Sometimes I just want to run free, make my own decisions, fend for myself and sometimes I long for those days when someone else is at the reigns, helping me make some of life’s hardest decisions. I have to motivate myself out of bed in the morning for classes and the most annoying part is I have classes every morning (mondays-fridays). I have to feed myself adequately, run my own errands and guide myself through life.

Becoming an adult is expensive. Getting my hands on some cash is not quite as exciting because it all floats away to pay bills, food, clothes, lecture materials and all those other annoying things I need to live. When I was a kid, my needs were already met by the adults in my life but now I can’t ask them for everything!

Being an adult, when one wants to solve problems we still freak out but are forced to figure out a solution to the problem on our own. I just try to put my head together especially when life keeps throwing me curve balls. Sometimes life gets so stressful but we have no choice. It’s like a game you have to figure out on your own with no map to give you directions or manual with instructions and no warning for when the enemies are close or the kind of enemies to expect.

Friends keep popping over randomly is now a cause for stress because you can’t even tell if they’re been real with you or just there for the little benefits. Phone calls are now really annoying these days especially when it’s not business related because we all need money. Don’t we? Well, if you don’t me I do anyways. There’s even less time for long chats with friends. Everyone calling for one or two things. Nobody knows when to press pause. Nobody understands privacy. Sometimes I just want to put my phone on airplane mode for hours and sleep till I’m too tired to sleep.

In April four important people in the world and my life celebrated their birthdays. My mum, younger brother, my two friends (Eniola and Betty) but I was too broke to celebrate them like I should have.

But, that didn’t stop us from having fun still.

I, Eniola, Tofunmi and Betty at Tarkwa Bay.
Tarkwa Bay Island
My Girls.

I was super excited about the Easter holidays. My back, waist and mental health needed the rest. I went to the beach with my Family for Easter. It was really fun. I had a break from Unilag at least.

I and my Brothers at Barracuda Beach ❀

Then I resumed after the Easter break to the stress of Unilag. My face started breaking out at a point. I had so many people to make it up to because I slyed a lot of people. A lot of tests too have been coming up but I thank God.

I just want to show you my fine face.

You know being an adult isn’t always a desirable thing, independence can become loneliness and responsibility can become stress but God help us!

In between all of these, I attended events recently.

I and Sunshine at Kennyblaq reckless.
At Lynkup with Jameson

We have now officially gotten to that part of the semester where everyone is stressed with tests and exam is in less than a month. I can’t wait for exams to be over and done with!

If you have not felt yourself lately, it’s time to lean into the change you prayed for. Don’t play! Peace is a priority!

My only goal in life right now is to be happy genuinely, intensely and consistently regardless of what it looks like to others.

Life is too short to spend it adulting. Just because we grow old doesn’t mean we have to grow up all the way. You don’t have to be too stressed about adulthood. There should be a balance and time management in everything we do.

At what point do we magically stop being children?

Is it the moment we turn 18 or 21?

Is it when we graduate or get our first job?

Or when we start paying our rent or buying insurance?

Does it even matter?

Instead of getting caught up in the whole we are getting older and the responsibility keeps getting endless talks why not embrace the things we loved about life when we were children.

If you missed my last post you can read Here

Okay bye for now dears😍

Your Favorite Personal Blogger,


13 thoughts on “Woes Of Adulting.

  1. Someone is getting thick πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I don’t think anyone is taught on how to be an adult, you just find yourself being one. Responsibilities will come and you just automatically have to be responsible.

    I also feel a lot of young adults are caught up in their daily activities we usually do not have time for other stuffs, but if you really wanna make time, you can. Trust me I had to consciously and intentionally make time for people I love. We all busy, but family and friends are priority.

    1. Yes I’m getting thick lol… Well I feel it all balls down to balancing anyways. Someone like me now I hate stress and once I’m too stressed I just lock up till I get myself.

  2. Don’t go this time ma, please update us always, this is impressive 😊

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    I seriously appreciate people like you! Take care!!

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