It is my pleasure to welcome you to the new month in this year!

Today is the beginning of the rest of your life! It’s a brand new month, filled with opportunities and possibilities. For the next 30 days, what are you willing to do to transform your life? Are you ready to commit and take the required action steps in the direction of your dreams? Were you able to achieve your set goals last month? Yes I did and I hope you did too and don’t forget to set achievable goals for this month.

So school has indeed started and with that start seems to have come what I’ll call a “stress phase”. Is it just me or February was a crazy slow month. It was fun and stressful at the same time. I am so excited about March and the rest of the year to come! Also, guys I am so sorry about not being consistent. Not like I’m not anyways but because I plan to publish a post every week but school has been keeping me away from it! So yeah I am sorry I haven’t been blogging as frequently school really has been crazy.

Anyways let’s get started!

Last month I accomplished a lot I really wanted to do!

I launched my blog that took me almost forever.

My prayer concerning Asuu strike was answered lol

So many other things I can’t begin to write.

We were asked to resume on the 18th which I did because I’ve been anticipating resumption so much and I already packed my bags to school despite the fact that Unilag refused to give me a Bedspace and I was bent on not coming from home to school because of the distance. Just imagine me leaving the house by 6 just to meet up with 8am or 9:30am classes everyday then get back home by 9/10pm to wake up the next day by 5. NO!!!

Now I’m the DSA (Dean Of Squatting Affairs) just like my friend Koko would say. Pfffft and my faculty just had to give us assignments on the third day of resumption to be typed, printed and submitted in five days! We just resumed c’mon. After submitting the assignment the second week on Monday, another was given on Tuesday to be submitted on Thursday.

Oh Lord! Year3 haven’t fully started and it’s getting stressful already. School and faculty of Law isn’t for me (I’m just kidding my father must not see this) so I submitted the second assignment yesterday and I have another group work to attend to today.

First day of the month!

First friday of the month!

Can’t I just flex small!

Well, February was a great month! I’m so excited about March! May God bless you with what you have prayed for this new month,

May God grant you with what you couldn’t accomplish last month,

May God surprise you with what you least expect this new month, have a blessed month.

Thanks so much for reading!

Your Favorite Personal Blogger,


6 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW MONTH!

  1. Yeah… This is Nigeria.. Everything comes with its stress.. Keep on keeping up… This too shall pass and it will soon be over..

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