I have struggled with bottling up my emotions and suppressing them over the past years, so in case you’re struggling too we’re in this together and it can be overcomed. Should I say I used to be that person or I’m still that person. Eeerm, okay I’m actually still that person truth be told. I’m not really good at expressing what I dislike and it leads to bottling of my emotions. It affects my mind and body always. Instead of expressing it I put my thoughts and feelings into writing and I feel a lot at ease but I fail to realise not everyone likes settling issues through texts.

I’m fond of cluttering my mind with all these unnecessary things even before sleeping and it’s really exhausting pretending to be okay when I’m actually stressed mentally, giving attitude here and there, silent treatment Oh my God! I do this childishly to get my point across. It’s more like a comfort zone to hold things in but it’s usually uncomfortable. My problem don’t get solved and I always feel like no one cares when they actually do but how would they know when I keep to myself. I tend to boil over like a boiling kettle with too much water even when I don’t need to take some shits seriously. It’s really stressful when I’m not able to make it clear to the other person about how I feel with certain decisions or actions taken by him/her. Instead I write out how I’m feeling and send because I’m unable to articulate or communicate through issues.

I hold things in to save my significant other from listening to my annoyingly honest thoughts. Whenever I bottle up my emotions, my roommates don’t talk to me because they know they’ll definitely get affected and they are innocent. For goodness sake Tofunmi they are not the cause of your frustration! If someone asks how I am I can almost burst into tears but I’ll be able to muster up a trembling voiced “I’m fine” and lock up before I cry in private. But wait! hope we all know crying is not a sign of weakness. Let out your tears! Bottled emotions lead to more emotional breakdowns. You can as well transfer all your aggressions into paper, just write, keep writing till you feel better. It works trust me. This is my own way of releasing the stress of something I fail to voice out.

A friend of mine related the issue he had with his babe to me; he said he caught her kissing his friend while coming out of the club and all he did was walk away and later they had sex again and he still just locked up and didn’t say a word and almost killed the guy. You know if he had expressed everything in his mind the thought of him killing the guy won’t even occur to him because he’ll feel at peace knowing he has made mention of it to the both of them or maybe the guy alone. Bottling of emotions is really dangerous.

It is toxic for your whole system. Suppressing your feelings can damage your relationships with others and have some serious consequences both physically and mentally. Whenever I’m upset I don’t make a scene I just keep quiet. Whenever I’m sad I never cry in public too. Most people just feel I’m calm because I don’t talk. I go great lengths to ensure that no matter what I may be feeling or going through, I keep my composure in public. It might be pleasant for those around me, who might even admire my ability to keep my cool in any situation and what could easily come off as politeness, but it is actually a result of me just trying very hard to restrain myself and my feelings.

People who can’t hold back annoys me; if I can do it, so why shouldn’t they be able to do it, too? Sometimes I even feel jealous of others gaining attention for their “irrational” emotional and dramatic behavior and feel like it’s undeserved on their part when I’m the one who is working hard to stay strong. If this sounds like you also, my advice is that you take steps to try and become more comfortable with being open with your emotions. Bottling up emotions comes naturally to many because showing emotions makes us vulnerable to others, and we might be afraid of being used, taunted, or hurt. If you bottle up your emotions for too long, however, it’s inevitable that you will explode at one point.

If you’re a jealous person, try find out why and see if it’s really worth feeling sad about because jealousy can also lead to bottled emotions. Lol I remember a Yoruba film I watched on AfricaMagic I can’t remember the title so the lady was at her boyfriends house, then she noticed a particular number kept calling and asked how he was doing and all because he was actually sick at that period so she came to take care of him as per his girlfriend; next day the same girl called and the attitude he used to pick the phone changed and she was right beside him writing. Immediately he dropped the call, she dropped her pen and book lmao and walked inside the room without saying a word. She layed on the bed with different thoughts.

Girls have issues tho… She was already bottling up emotions. He noticed and called her and started laughing, she laughed too. Lol he knew why she went into the room and he said in Yoruba to her “má ma jowú púpò, kàn ma jowú díè shogbó to bá dè ti rí pé èmí jíjowú wo inú e só síta má gbe sí nú” meaning “don’t get jealous too much just a little, have you heard me and once u get jealous speak out don’t bottle up” She just laughed.

Bottling up isn’t healthy! Speaking from personal experiences.

Dance, scream, rage, don’t bottle.

Have you ever noticed yourself bottling up emotions?

Give instances where you had to bottle up.

Are you going to keep bottling up your emotions after reading this?

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  1. This is me!!! Especially when I get angry. I just remain silent and just move on with life. I even smile when I’m angry. Some of my friends will tag me as a serial killer lol. I agree with you, but at times keeping it with you saves you the stress. You might voice out and the same thing still happens to you again. Nice write up babe 💜

    1. But you’ll agree with me that keeping it with u fights with your peace of mind. Everytime you see the person your heart pricks you.

    1. Yes life is very simple dear. I’m still trying very hard not to bottle up sometimes honestly. Thanks for the comment ❤

  2. Well understood. Quite relatable. But to me opening up is a big SCAM! so I just tell God,light up and stay at peace. 💖

    1. You can tell God too and feel at peace just like you said. Opening up isn’t a big scam tho lol. It is well dear thanks for the comment.

  3. This is beautiful.. Well, u can get away with so many things when you are still single including this… But when u are married, it’s difficult… You will fall into depression if u try this in your marriage… Always let it out however u know how to… People will one day understand u..

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