Dear Valentine,

Today is a beautiful day because it is Valentine’s day! Even though a lot of people don’t care about this special day like me but here’s a little something I wrote from the bottom of my heart to you when I woke with a start in the mid hours of the night on my bed, I stretched my hand across the bed to feel the softness and the tender skin of my Valentine but it was my pillow that occupied the space beside me then I realized that my Valentine is yet to come into my life. An idea strikes me and I decided to write a letter to my unknown Valentine.

My Valentine, I hope you’re doing well wherever you are and I’m sure you have great plans for us. I wonder where you are and what you’re doing right now. Maybe we’re even friends or maybe you’re in a relationship with someone else right now who knows. I have no idea of who you are or what you look like or the family you’ve come from or if you’ll be accepted by my family, but let me tell you one thing once there’s love we can prevail.


My dear, you might have gone through heartbreaks who knows and maybe right now you’re in a corner in your room sobbing while I’m here typing this from the depth of my heart. When will I meet you? In a couple of weeks, in few months, in five years or right after I’m done with law school. It might even be tomorrow I bump into you without the slightest idea.


I’m imagining how our first date will be like, rose flowers and diamonds decorated round, everything fancy. How cool both of us would be because I bet you I’m not the boring type and you’ll enjoy my company a lot I promise you. So this is just a little something, a few words from my heart to yours. I am so looking forward to all the many years that we have ahead of us, through times of joy as well as times of sadness, we will be there for one another, to support and make each other laugh and smile when we are feeling down.


I’ve longed for you even though we’ve never met or we may have passed each other on the road without even a glance or possibly, we have never met; whatever the case may be, we are going to meet someday. I love you even though we’ve never laid eyes on each other. Where are you? Who are you? I know you exist so when will you come. I’ve dreamt of you even though I’ve never seen your face. I’m ready to give my heart to you even if you’ve never felt it. I’m ready to wait for you no matter how long it may seem. Wherever you are, whoever you are just know I’m searching for you and I will find you Valentine.



Every day would be Valentine’s Day when I am with you. I’ll love you with every atom of my being.

Happy Valentine’s Day, my sweet.


Do you place less importance on Valentine’s Day like me? 


How’s Valentine going to be like for you today? 


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  1. BKB will see this o. Issokay.

    Thanks for writing this on our behalf though ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ

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