I’m screaming guys!!! So much joy and excitement. First of all thank you Jesus. Thank you Holy Spirit, I couldn’t have done it without your divine help and spirit of understanding. I hope we all ask the Holy Spirit for help anytime we’re in a state of confusion because he’ll always come through. Trust me I was confused for days. I thought this wasn’t for me but then again it has always been on my mind so I decided to get up and be unstoppable. I can’t even contain my excitement. This is just a milestone in my life. This marks the start of a new chapter and I hope y’all journey with me on a good note.

From the very moment that one enters the world, you’re put on a quest whether you know it or not. Life itself is a quest, everyone strives for something, be it “a good job, a big house, lots of money” or happiness. Through different experiences I’ve had, a different meaning to the quest for life has become apparent to me. I don’t want to bore you with my life experiences, just know you live life every day to gain a series of experiences that make us bigger and better. Learn from them and grow stronger as a human, living and discovering new ideas and learning from your mistakes.

Last year October, I was really hoping to launch this blog by the end of November but a lot of contemplations here and there, things didn’t fall in place as I expected but I’m here now, a dream of 7 years has come to reality. I never had a new year resolution but I guess I can call this one. I’m glad I’ve been able to achieve one of the goals in my life and by God’s grace, every other thing will fall in place.

I hope we’ve all been able to achieve some of our goals. If you don’t have one it’s never too late to write down your weekly and monthly goals, be it daily too just go with any that works fine with you. Discover your natural talent… anything you can do effortlessly. I just want to write, create, publish, (multi) media contents on various aspects of my life; share my daily thoughts, inspirations, and photos of my day with y’all. I’m very passionate about this.

Think of your USP (unique selling point), your weakness and strength. Identify and work towards them. Write down your vision and mission statement then create a list of five (5) things you must achieve by the end of February, if not all at least three (3). Write down how you want to feel about yourself then work towards it consistently.l and notice the change this brings into your life. This is my first blog post and I hope to be a source of inspiration to every one of you my readers, I love you. I’ll be updating my blog very often at least four (4) to five (5) times a month and I’m going to push very hard to be consistent. Before I conclude I just want to appreciate everyone who helped me on my way, different advice and teachings, and moral support. I can’t begin to mention names but y’all are wonderful and amazing. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to subscribe and reach out if you need to. Feedback is appreciated and encouraged.


Your Favorite Personal Blogger,



  1. You came up with a well thought post filled with information and its very helpful. it provides a clear idea. i enjoyed how you explained the key concepts. This blog is worth following.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Beautiful and inspiring words… Continue soar higher effortlessly… God is your pillar… Looking forward to more,more and more… Oliver Twist…

  3. Congratulations dear.
    I’m proud of your persistent determination towards actualising this dream of yours. I’m looking forward to more blog posts from you.
    Let me also remind you that I’m your number 1 fan

  4. Well-done girl, but I would really appreciate your consistency on this, keep it up may Almighty grant your effort. 😘

  5. Some sort of motivation to me…I pray God grants you great idea for this blog to grow IJN. Love from your fan❤

  6. Thank God I found the link at this exigent point of my life. I feel you wrote it just for me,considering the timing and the message. Please don’t stop.

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